Our friend and new-found pork purveyor gave us some Tender Belly products to try out here at the château.  I’ll be honest, as always here at the Sporting Road, as we aren’t selling anything and turn down all requests for advertising, they are as advertised, “Perfection.”  Try some of these great Tender Belly recipes that we devised here at the château, all of which are easy fixings after a long day on the Sporting Road.

Pork Belly with Agave Glaze

Penne all’arrabbiata with Tender Belly Sausage

Skillet Asparagus Wrapped in La Quercia Speck with Parma

Tender Belly Bacon in the Microwave

Tender Belly Berkshire Dry-Rub BBQ Spare Ribs

Tender Belly Pork Bangers and Mash

Tender Belly Berkshire Pork Chops

In Denver, you can pick them up at Tony’s Meat Market, the Denver Truffle, or you can find them online.