Grouse PicnicBooks by Jim Fergus

Braised Lamb Shanks Recipe from Jim Fergus

Sage Grouse ala Georgio Recipe from Fergus’s A Hunter’s Road

Writers don’t exist without readers. There is always a special, symbiotic bond between those who put words down on the page, and those who read them. This relationship can be as volatile and complicated as that between lovers or spouses or family members. I seek stories to tell that engage me on some visceral, personal level, hoping that my own passion for them will become yours. I write the kind of books that I like to read — novels that move along briskly, propelled by interesting characters, a sense of adventure, beautiful landscapes and genuine human emotions.  I hope that my most recent novel, The Wild Girl, provides such a reading experience for you. I went to work on it each morning with a sense of excitement, wondering what was going to happen to these people today, people for whom I had come to care deeply. When I wrote the last sentence, I wept for their human frailties and was sorry to leave them. I hope you, the reader, will feel similar emotions.  —Jim Fergus