First, our four-legged friends make our adventures on the Sporting Road possible.

Second, we have made a lot of two-legged friends along the Sporting Road as well.  Here’s a list of just a few of them:

G. Marvin Beeman, MFH and DVM, Arapahoe Hunt

Rim Chung, master nymph fisherman and inventor of the RS2, Plebby and Avatar

Barry Conyers

The Dennehys, inlcuding Wilson Dennehy who along with George Morris, built upon the Gordon Wright and Bert de Nemehy mehods.  Which were also similar to those of Bill Steinkraus, and his mentors ofof the same as well as Frank Carroll and and Morton Cappy Smith, in formulating the modern American way of jumping.

Nick de Toldi

Pat Dorsey

Buz Fawcett

Jim Fergus

Mike Gould

John Hagen

Jane Hall

Roger Hill

Jeff Hill, Esq.

Gary Ruppel

Nick Sawyer

Frank Sawyer

Shane Stalcup

Melissa Volpia

Shawn Wayment, DVM

Len McDaniel

Paul McDaniel

Ferenc Horvath

Some of our favorite authors, other than those listed above and some of which are also friends or acquaintances, are:

A.K. Best

Pat Dorsey

Frederick M. Halford

Edward Hewitt

Oliver Kite


T. Donald Overfield

Jim Quick

G.E.M. Skues 

Bob Saile

Ray Ovington

Datus Proper

John Gierach

Terry Lawton

Paul Fauceglia


Marty Bartholemew

Ernest Scweibert

Doug Swisher

John Voelkner

Ed Engle

Charles E. Brooks 


Shooting & Bird Dogs

Bill Tarrant

Mike Gould

Michael McIntosh

Robert Churchill

Guy de la Valdene

Tom Huggler

Bill Tarrant

Steven Rinella, author o Meat EaterAmerican Buffalo, and The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisinef

Joel M. Vance

Dennis Walrod

Charlie Waterman

Sir Joseph Nickerson

Mike Swan

Thomas Hugler

Robert Wehle

Buddy Levy

Lucky McDaniel

J. G. Ruffner

William Beebe

Ken Davies

Mike Jennings

Charles Fergus

Gene Hill

Paul A. Johnsgard

Eric Parker

Ben O. Williams

Corey Ford

 Gordon MacQuarrie

Gene Hill, Burton

George Bird Evans 

Nash Buckingham

Ray Holland

Peter Byrne,

Jack O’Connor

William Harnden Foster

Frank Woolner

Charlie Waterman

Joel Vance

William Faulkner

Theodore Roosevelt

Zane Gray 



R.S. Surtees

Joseph B. Thomas

Michael Clayton

George H. Morris

Count Toptani

Almet Jenks

Gordon Grand

Cecil Aldin

A.Henry Higginson

Duke of Beaufort

Benjamin H. Hardawy III



Gordon Wright

Jim Meads

Hugh Robards

Anne Kursinski

Vicky Moon

Lt. Co.l. Harry D. Chamberlin

Lawrence Phipps III, MFH

Janet George


Peter Grace

Marco Polo

Hufh Dawnay



Alan Watts

Robert M. Pirsig

D. T. Suzuki

Thomas Moore



Dali Lama

Lao Tzu

Kahlil Gibran


Peter Mayle

Rick Steves

Cooking and Cuisine

Auguste Escoffier

Thomas Keller

Steven Rinella

James Beard

Ferran Adria

Herve This

Joy of Cooking by Erma Rombauer

Barefoot Contessa

Silver Palate and The New Basics by Sheila Lukins and Julee Rosso

 Grand Livre de Cuisine: Alain Ducasse’s Culinary Encyclopedia

Alexandre Dumas, Grand Dictionaire de Cuisine, who recommends deglazing a glass of white wine and a few drops of pastis

Mario Batali

Bobbie Flay 

Jacques Pepin (my favorite, rent all of the Jaques and Julia Series to see why, Jacques is not the stuffy one, Julia is and she’s not even French)

Martha Stewart’s Healthy Quick Cooking is her best selling title.

Emeril Lagasse

Paula Deen

Ernest Hemingway

Jim Harrison