Our daughter started with a toy bow from the RenFest and graduated up to a small compound bow.  While it isn’t a Black Widow PX, she has now started with a Cabela Ranger Recurve Bow  in a right hand 62:, 25# setup.  but then decided that the PSE NightHawk was better, in a right hand 62″ 25# setup.  We started with what we were given, which was the Cabela’s Stalker Extreme 4 L/W feathers arrows, 340, 65/80, 9.3 GPI, with 5/16″ 75 gr. easy pull field points in a 31.5″ uncut length.  We found they were too long and heavy, and swapped them out for Stalker Extreme 45-65, in 29.25″ length, 500, 7.3 GPI, with 75 grain, 9/32″ diameter bullet points.  We use a hay bale with  a Morrell Target.  We have a finger guard and ketoh arm guards.  She is also experimenting with the much lighter 28″ Beman ICS Hunter Junior arrows, which are 7.3 GPI and 600, feather fletched.  PSE recommends Razorback or Desparado arrows at 30″ and 800 spine for up to 40 lbs.  Replacement limbs can be ordered from any retailer or from 800-824-8261 drop shipped to  your location.

Cabela’s Stalker Xtreme™ Arrows Feathers, Per 6

Lifetime Guarantee
    • Outfitted with 4″ feathers, tradition meets technology
    • Microsmooth surface finish is quiet and easy on rest and targets
    • Added mass for better kinetic energy
    • Straightness factor to ±.003″
We started with our customer-favorite Stalker Extreme shafts, improved the straightness factor to ±.003”, and then outfitted each with 4” feathers to come up with an arrow you can count on for consistent, reliable performance with broadheads and field points alike. The high-strength carbon-composite fibers and unidirectional, carbon-filled core contribute to each arrow’s light weight and professional-grade performance. This arrow is loaded with features for the discriminating bowhunter. The microsmooth finish provides a quieter, smoother draw and is easier on arrow rests and targets. Added mass means you get better kinetic energy, quieter bows, more stable flight and superb shaft-to-shaft weight consistency. Arrows are full length and equipped with Easton Super Nocks and CB inserts. Per 6. Made in USA.
Sizes: 45/60 lbs. (7.3 gpi); 55/70 Ibs. (8.4 gpi); 65/80 lbs. (9.3 gpi).
Length: 30.5” (45/60), 31” (55/70), 31.5” (65/80).
Straightness factor: ±.003”
Wt. tolerance: ± 2 gr.
Dia: .286” (45/60), .294” (55/70), .298” (65/80).


From, Basic Illustrated Archery

By Beth Habeishi, Stephanie Mallory, Lon Levin