Evenings Spent in a French-American Kitchen After Adventures Along the Sporting Road with Fast Horses, Paper Hulls and Silk Lines

I write, I hunt, I fish, I shoot and I cook.  The very do-able home recipes featured here are sure to please both the professional chef and those that are new to the kitchen, as we only feature the best recipe of each dish here and we add flairs when appropriate to please even our fellow travelling gourmands.  No need to search the internet or all of your cookbooks for a better version of each recipe, we have already done that for you, as these are tested, tried and true favorites.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and, even more so, we hope you have time to get out on the Sporting Road, making your own adventures.


Nothing is better than adventures along the Sporting Road with fast horses, paper hulls and silk lines.

Cuisine and Recipes

Take home your adventures and bring them into the kitchen with fine cuisine and recipes.

Sporting Tricks and Tips

And we hope you take home a few tips and tricks along the way on the Sporting Road.

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