From Nick de Toldi

As served in the Basque country.
Take a wild pigeon, roast it a short while in an oven. Take it it out and cut it in parts. Two breasts two legs, and the rest. Take the rest, skin and other bones cut in pieces, put in a casserole with butter. Add a small carrot and an onion, also cut in small pieces, garlic, parsley, thyme, let it take colour, put a spoon of flour, mix, let it take colour again. Add two glasses of strong red wine and a spoon of brandy, give some heat, place inside it the breasts and legs, then boil gently at low heat for an hour. Take the breasts out, press and strain the sauce on it. Sauce must be thick. serve with mushrooms and potatoes. Sprinkle with a little of fresh parsley.