From Sharon White

This is the recipe for Korean BBQ sauce. It makes a huge batch, enough to last Anglos for perhaps a lifetime or Korean families for only a year, but not to worry, put it in clean jars in a dark place, and refrigerate after opening. It keeps for years unopened and the flavor enhances with age.

For First Step:

5 gallon water boiled

Add 4-5 lbs. barley malt flour to 1 gallon water and stir.

Add this barley water to boiling water. Repeat.

For Second Step:

In large bowl, mix:

64 oz. Yamaizumi mild miso bean paste and 40 lbs. soy bean paste fermented.

Add 40 oz. sue bee clover honey and 6.6 lbs. Korean malt syrup or corn syrup.

Add 1 gal ground red peppers (Sharon usually picked hers from Pueblo, Colorado, Big Jim style peppers or hotter ones too).

Add boiling barley water, after having boiled for at least 20 minutes.

Add another 32 oz. honey or maple syrup.

Add another 5 gal. barley water, if necessary to achieve proper consistency. Can in sterilized jars from the dishwasher and store. Serve with Kalbi-Korean short ribs, or any other Asian food, as a spicy dipping sauce, or used in various cooking.

IF YOU MUST BUY KOCHEEJUNG FROM THE KOREAN GROCER (SUCH AS H-MART) AND CHOOSE NOT MAKE IT FROM SCRATCH, BUY THE BEST QUALITY BRANDS, SUCH AS CHORIPDONG.  The Assi brand is ok, but not as good as Choripdong brand.  Most all of the commercial brands use corn syrup and wheat flour instead of natural sweeteners and barley malt flour, as featured in traditional recipes and in the one above.  The taste difference is really evident, not to mention the health concerns.