We recently went on an antelope hunt in Wyoming and we have to say the antelope meat tastes great.  We saved the backstraps and tenderloins for steaks.  We took in the four antelope quarters for processing at Steve’s Meat Market www.stevesmeatmarket.com.  The four quarters weighed 38 pounds in on the bone, 28 pounds after they trimmed it, which resulted in 42 pounds out with pork added for a great special deal which was advertised as $95.00, but with all the extra hamburger and other fees resulted in a total bill of $138 after all was done, which was very fair.   We got the Jumbo Sampler:

1-1/2 lb. JBC Burger, 1-1/2 lb. Breakfast Bulk, 1-1/2 lb. Italian Bulk, 1-1/2 lb. Chorizo Bulk, 2 lb. Italian Link, 2 lb. Polish Link, 2 lb. Salami, 2 lb. Summer,  2 lb. Jalapeno Cheese Log, 2 lb. Cheddar Dogs, 2 lb. Old Style Franks, 2 lb. Bratwurst, 2 lb. Smoked German, 2 lb. Chorizo Link, 2 lb. Jalapeno Cheddar Link, 1 lb. Jerky, 1 lb. Stix

The only thing that wasn’t worth ordering again was the Breakfast Bulk sausage, not because it isn’t good, it’s just my family doesn’t like any breakfast sausages.  It helped that this antelope was grass fed on the ranch lands, not sage brush fed on the plains.  But we have to rave about Steve’s Meat Market, as it is simply the best game meat processing and quality sausages we have ever tasted, at a fair price.  Even the hamburger is awesome.  The franks and brats have a relatively tough skin and for that reason, we do not think they are great when used as hot dogs.  However, cut into Argentine choripan sliced sandwiches, and just heated on the grill, they are awesome!

They also feature creative modern taxidermy by RhinOriginalz, which is worth checking out.  http://www.rhinoriginalz.net/Metal_Coating.html

Others have recommended http://www.rockymountainmeats.com but we see no reason not to stick with Steve’s Meat Market, as everything we got back from them made from our grass-fed antelope is awesome in taste and wrapped in the highest quality packaging, perfect for freezing.

Next year I don’t think we will be hunting antelope, so I am going to try to order some special grass-fed, organic Black Angus which are raised on the Monaghan Ranch and which are then sent to be fattened on beer mash from our friends at  http://laramiecattle.com/