Marge Stevens and Mim Willyard started making jalapeno jelly some 16 years ago to support the local Christmas bazaar.  What started out small soon grew big and the largest demand is for the hotter jalapeno variety!  Lise Stevens introduced the Arapahoe Hunt to her mother’s famed jelly during hunt breakfasts.  The recipe was recently featured in Covertside Magazine, together with the equally famous annual Polo Player’s Foxhunting Braai.

This jalapeno jelly recipe will fill 8 of the 8 ounce canning jars (be sure to sterilize them in the dishwasher before using), which after they cool can be kept in a cool dark place until you need one for your next Braai or lamb dish.  Use a large stock pot for cooking the jelly ingredients, as the sugar will foam up with the boiling, so it is also helpful to keep a hair dryer on hand,  using it to blow down the foam so it doesn’t boil over.  It’s a very simple recipe which takes only about 20 minutes to prepare.

Click this link for the full recipe and to read the entire article in The Polo Players Foxhunting Braai in Covertside