From A Hunter’s Road

From Jim Fergus

A Hunter’s Road is nearly a legendary tale amongst my bird hunting friends.  And the author, Jim Fergus, is now a good friend of ours.  This recipe was featured in the book and is truly the only way to cook sage grouse.

Trust me—I have tried sage grouse in everything from pate` to chowder, and nearly every other concoction.  Serve up this recipe and tell your sensitive guests that it is veal.  They’ll never guess it’s a game bird.  Please buy the book for more recipes and great hunting stories from our friend.  You’ll also love the sequel, A Sporting Road.

Back to the recipe:Sage Grouse

Pluck and draw sage grouse.

Baste deboned breasts in:

  • Olive oil
  • Soy sauce
  • Lemon juice
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Tabasco
  • Sea salt
  • Pepper
  • GarlicSage Grouse Medium Rare
  • Chopped cilantro

Grill over hot coals.  Baste frequently.  Cook about 10-12 minutes.  Meat should be rare, better to under-cook than overcook.

I like to roast some red, yellow, and orange bell peppers along side the grouse.  Just brush lightly with olive oil, sea salt and pepper, aftercoring and cutting in half.  After grilling, slice into one inch strips, and serve as a side together with couscous and the grouse.

I even made this recipe for Jim Fergus, while he was occupied with other things and I was in the kitchen of his cabin whipping up this quick marinade, and, upon tasting, he said it was the best sage grouse he ever had.  I said it should be, it was the recipe he wrote about.