I flew with my favorite Brittany of all time, Bodhi, up to Minnesota for some ruffed grouse and woodcock hunting, coupled together with an old friend’s wedding.  Bodhi did great,as he always did, after adjusting to the heavy cover from our wide open high-plained prairies.  There was one woodcock which sat so tight that all of us walked past Bodhi who went on point on the driveway.  The grass was two inches tall and we thought he must be smelling a mouse or a dropping.  As we all nonchalantly walked past his point, old Mr. Woodcock took to the air in front of five guns, which were unloaded on him, as he continued to flutter away, safely into the forest.

I fixed this recipe for ruffed grouse, together with a few juniper berries I had foraged along the way, with some gin I had squirreled away for the long voyage.  It is simply delicious.

Ruffed Grouse in Gin and Juniper Berries

Melt a stick of butter over high heat, sear boneless, skinless breasts 4-5 minutes per side.  Legs may take a little longer.  Remove meat and add ¼ c. gin to droppings, together with a few juniper berries.  Light with match and flambé.  Pour sauce over birds and serve with bread crumbs.