From our friend, Jim Fergus

Those who don’t like the taste of wild duck often complain it tastes like liver. This is usually because they have never eaten it properly prepared. As red-meated fowl, it must be treated like beef, not chicken, served medium-rare to rare. Like most game bird recipes for the grill, this one is extremely simple—and simplicity is exactly what is required for ducks.

Prepare a bed of hot coals—wood or coal. Place whole ducks in a large pan of soy sauce and one stick of melted butter. Season with ground pepper. Grill charred–about 15 minutes (more or less depending on your embers). Periodically, roll the ducks in the soy/butter mixture or baste them with it. If you are going to overcook, better to err on the backside rather than the breast. And remember, you can always put an under cooked bird back on the grill, but you can’t save one that has been overcooked!