Simple Grilled Game Bird Breasts–using Pheasant, Chukar, Hungarian Partridge or Blue Grouse

From Jeff Hill

Brine the breasts overnight, in the refrigerator, in a dilute solution of a kosher salt dissolved in water to loosen up any blood.  The next morning, discard the bringing solution, remove any blood, feathers, and embedded shot, and rinse and dry the breasts.  Next coat the breasts lightly with olive oil, a clove or two of minced fresh garlic, and sprinkle generously with herbs.  You can use herbs de Provence, tarragon, or thyme.  My favorite is tarragon.  Knead the herbed breasts a bit so that that herbs become infused with the olive oil, and are stuck to the meat.  Allow the breasts to sit in the fridge all day.  Shortly before cooking, salt the breasts lightly with some good seal salt or kosher salt.  Grill them over a hot flame, ensuring that they do not overcook.  Enjoy them with a nice pinot noir and side dishes of your choice.