1 bird dog in hot pursuit

1 barbed wire fence

1 lesson learned by bird dog regarding not jumping through the fence, but going under

$450 of anesthetics and sutures later

Used to be priceless (when hunting with Bird Dog Doc, as we did several of these jobs on his bird dogs and mine, from tailgates to motel room beds  with the nearest vet 100 miles away, except mine).  Damn, how I missed hunting with my bird dog doc yesterday.

Actually, I tried my hand at suturing up my bird dog yesterday and, actually, I did very well with my superb first aid kit from my bird dog doc hunting buddy, but, alas, apparently I didn’t put in enough stitches and they came loose when I let Emile run and play today.  So had to go get him fixed up properly with a dozen sutures and $450 later, as my buddy was off work that day.  In any event, we will be following doctor’s orders today with no jumping or play for Emile.  I can’t wait to go out with my bird dog doc again, and I keep my fingers crossed nothing will happen to either man nor beast, but if it does, I know I’m covered in any event.