Serves 4-6
1 lb. angel hair pasta, cooked to directions on package

4 small Tilapia fillets

Heat the following, which will not thicken:
1 c. cream
½ lb. butter
½ c. parmesan cheese
Ground pepper

Beat 1 egg yolk in a bowl and add 1 c. of above heated mixture to temper. Then add together. Drain noodles. Return to heated pot and add sauce for 1 minute to temperature to coat noodles.

In a separate pan, saute a little butter with 1 c. mushrooms, a handful of spinich leaves, and 1 T. minced garlic. Remove from pan. Add 1/4 c. diced Hatch green chilis and combine with sauce. Reuse pan with more butter to fry filets of Tilapia a few minutes each side. Season with Cavendar’s Greek Seasoning or Emeril’s Essence. Assemble noodles in large bowls. Cover with sauce. Top wascith grated parmesan cheese. Add Talipia filet and fresh cilantro.