La Truite (3 Variations of Trout)

Laurent Sainsot, President of the International Fario Club, shares with us his secrets of the French fly fisher’s creel.  The secret to all fish, but trout in particular, is not to overcook.  A few minutes for each side is sufficient.  As for eating them, hold the head in the left hand, free the top fillet by running a knife along the backbone.  Turn the trout and free the other fillet, then lift out the head, backbone, small bones and tail in one movement.  the meat alone remains on the plate.

1.  Pan-fried Trout in Butter

Same preparation for the fish except you put some raw butter rather than the supermarket junk stuff in a saucepan and wTroutait for a blond color to put your trout in, 2 minutes each side, some sliced almonds for the look, added 1 minute before serving (pour the melted butter and almond sauce over the fish to serve, perhaps garnishing with lemon slices)…..happiness.

2.  Le Truite au Camembert

Si, si ç’est possible.  You just copy the former recipe for Catch and Release Trout, without the almonds, but for at least 2 minutes after the sauce pan, you put your fish in a very hot oven in a pan with slices of camembert on the top, to be grilled quickly…un delice!!

3.  Le Truite au Bleu

This classic poached-fish dish is called blue trout and the fish must be alive until the last instant.  A trout that is dried out, won’t turn blue.  Trout is subtle and poaching enhances that delicate flavor.  Ten inch trout are perfect for this recipe.  Laurent explains, “Once the fish is caught and gutted, I don’t want to lose too much time, so I rush to the car, drive like a maniac home, boil some water and salt and a sip of vinegar, 3 to 4 minutes of this hot bath , a bottle of Chablis, Chateauneuf du Pape blanc, condrieu or both later, you just realize you have forgotten to give some calls to friends of yours to share the meal…..sel…fish.”