Radis au beurre are often seen as breakfast radishes, which appear in springtime, have a lovely candy cane color palette and, if you clean them well, make for a striking presentation when you put them out in a big white bowl. Leave the leaves on as a handy holding point.  Simply serve them as the French do, with softened butter and coarse French sea salt. Get the longer, milder radishes instead of the hotter, round varieties.  Serve with little white ramekins of butter.  This makes a stylish hors d’oeuvre or canapes with aperitifs.

The butter acts as a fatty foil to the bracing heat of the raw radish, and the salt adds electricity.

  • 20 long radishes
  • ramekins of butter, preferably beurre demi-sel de Bretagne
  • Fleur de sel French sea salt

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