Caviar on Crackers atop Crème Fraiche

To make your own Crème Fraiche, combine 2 c. heavy cream with 4 T. buttermilk in a glass container, cover with plastic wrap, leave undisturbed at room temperature 12-20 hours. Mix, refrigerate, and serve within 1 week.

Serve atop blinis or delicate water crackers with your favorite Sturgeon caviar atop.  We prefer Natural crispbread 34* crackers, available at most grocers.

[ALTERNATE VERSION -Smoked Salmon & Caviar]

  • 8 oz. of smoked salmon
  • •1 c. heavy cream – whipped
  • •1 t. fresh Beluga or Sevruga caviar
  • •salt and pepper to taste For the sauce
  • •4 T. extra virgin olive oil
  • •1 t. prepared mustard
  • mild •juice of 1 lemon
  • •salt and pepper to taste

Gently fold the prepared horseradish and the caviar into the whipped cream, season with salt and pepper. Place the slices of smoked salmon flat on the work surface, spread about two teaspoons of the caviar-cream mixture over them and then roll gently. For the sauce, blend the oil with the lemon juice, salt, and pepper and mix well until frothy. Serve the salmon rolls on a plate, dressed with the sauce and, if you wish to give a more definite flavor, sprinkle with chives.


Ranch caviar is what your redneck cousin might create if he won the lottery.  He’d buy expensive caviar and fold in some creamy ranch.  Rup 2 c. store bought ranch salad dressing in a small bowl and gently fold in 1/4 c. (2 oz.) Ameriacn paddle fish caviar (or any other cheap caviar).

Ordering Caviar

Prices as of December 2011, Zabar’s 1-800-697-6301 sells Malossal Sturgeon Caviar 50 grams for $95, American Sterling caviar 50 grams for $85, and Desietra Osetra 50 grams for $120.