Our favorite tradition is to have brunch at the Lake Terrace Dining Room at the Broadmoor Hotel for Mother’s Day.  They have everything cooked to perfection, including eggs Benedict and waffles with whipped cream, real maple syrup and fresh blue berries.  Topped off with a cappucino or cafe au lait, I don’t see how you could do better at home, so we love to go out for this occasion.

Alternatively, we make a little homemade stuffed French toast and spend the day shopping for new additions, to plant in our French gardens while letting a Boeuf en Daube simmer in the oven all day while planting the new finds in garden and getting it all ready for Spring.   Here are our Mother’s Day recipes:

Boeuf en Daube

Stuffed French Toast

Here some interesting links to articles relevant to Colorado gardening from Douglas County government:

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