Quick Lamb Meatballs, which you can use in place of gyro meat for a perfect home-made pita sandwich.  This is one of my go to recipes during the week, often making them twice a month, as they are quick, cheap and easy to make.  Serve with pita bread, a green salad or Greek salad, couscous, and some Tzatiki yogurt sauce, together with a hot sauce such as Siracha or Harissa.

Kibbeh is traditionally made with Bulgar and meat.  I do not care for the  heaviness that the Bulgar adds to this traditional dish.  While the traditional version has the benefit of a tasty meat filling, it tastes as though the Bulgar is simply added to the meat, making it go further with this hearty additive.

So I have subtracted the Bulgar and I still love the flavors of this kibbeh minus the Bulgar.  I simply take a pound of ground beef, lamb, veal, chicken or even pork and make  these spicy Middle Eastern meatballs which are shaped like little footballs, which really makes them more of a Kofta than a Kibbeh.  Sometimes I add just a 1/4 of fine Bulgar, which has been soaked in water overnight and then drained, and then they are probably closer to what is traditionally called Kibbeh.

Take a pound of meat and an egg to it and a handful of breadcrumbs or Panko.  Add seasonings such as the traditional Seven Spice Mix or my Middle Eastern Combo Spice.  Salt, pepper, and knead.  Roll into 2″ balls or footballs and cook by browning for 5-10 minutes on the stove and then placing the skillet to finish in the oven at 350F for 5-10 minutes.

For an alternative to the Tazatzi sauce, if you want a sweet sauce for the meatballs, try mixing 2 T. pomegranate molasses, 1 t. stone ground mustard and a dash or two of lemon juice.