One of our favorite travels along the Sporting Road has been Ireland.  From Dublin, to Waterford, to Galway, to County Cork and all place in between, there is no denying that the Irish have a love of scenic splendor, stunning landscapes and the pleasure of food and drink.  In a country not always known for its culinary greatness, it is a country of great hospitality, and a tradition of sharing with family, friends, and strangers.  We fell in love with Ireland’s traditional foods—big meaty breakfasts, bowls of hearty soups and stews, sandwiches thick with ham and cheese, and its legendary drinks of creamy pints of Guinness, glasses of golden Paddy’s Irish whiskey, and silky deserts.

When an Irish recipe calls for bacon, a/k/a rashers, back bacon or Irish breakfast bacon, not that it will contain 65% less fat than American bacon and crisps accordingly.  Tommy Moloney’s brand is the only equivalent in the States.   When calling for butter, Kerrygold Irish Butter, is the only available brand in the States, and for oatmeal, you must find McCann’s Irish Oatmeal, as well.Galway boat