During Hungary’s history, the was influence by many ethnic gastronomies.  I particularly fancy the portion of their history where they lived a semi-nomidic life as hunters and fishermen, a feat which I aspire to attain.

But in settling down, the Turks and Bulgarians influenced a lot of their dishes.  Soups and stews, together with goulash, were important components of meals in Hungarian cuisine at that time, as it is today.   And, may of the best dishes were cooked in a single pot or cauldron (bogrács) made of cast iron, hung on iron tripods cooked over an open fire.  Finally the great invasions left their marks on Hungarian cooking, including an adoption of Austrian recipes featuring schnitzels and sausages.  But, the Hungarian upper class maintained French style cooking, similar to the Austrian aristocrats.

Our Hungarian recipes were influenced by travels to much of Hungary and our Hungarian friends.