A fellow fly tier and fishing friend of mine, Shane Stalcup, has passed away this year at just 48 years old.  Shane was a student of the legendary René Harrop, and produced incredible lines of innovative patterns featured in Fly Tier magazine, more than a dozen instructional videos, and new materials for Umpqua which were unheard of during their time and even today.

Shane Stalcup started by tying commercially for Colorado Anglers in Lakewood, Colorado. He was amazingly fast at the vice, even spite of recent health problems. fished the South Platte River with him and the Frying Pan with him and Mike Bostwick.Shane learned from seasoned veteran tiers, John Betts, Archey Best, Tim England and others.  Shane loved experimenting with colors, dyeing feathers for shops and working with markers to finalize the perfect hues.   He wrote a book featuring his innovative designs and materials entitled “Mayflies”, which he was photographing as we fished together, with the same zeal that he spent at the vice.