Hook Fly Fishing put up a couple of videos of Rim tying the RS2 and his more recent and also successful sequel to the RS2, the Avatar Fly.  Here are the links:



Rim gave some talks at Hook Fly Fishing in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and has taught some classes there recently, as well.

Hook Fly Fishing writes, “Avatar, not just a movie, no no no it’s much more than that. Rim Chung (inventor of the famed RS2) has created a new fly pattern. The Avatar, it’s much like the RS2 in many ways. IT FISHES GREAT!  I’ve been hooked up with fish using this fly for the past 3 weeks. The Avatar fishes great as a lead or point fly in any combination. It is available in different colors to match a variety of aquatic bugs, from midges to mayflies. I have been successful with it on the Big Thompson, South Platte (especially Cheeseman Canyon) Clear Creek, the Taylor and Bear Creek.”