Electric Fondue Pot by Trudeau with Ceramic InsertFrom The Melting Pot, Dip Into Something Different, which is a great book for fondue recipes.

There are many delicious oils for Bourguignonne style fondues.  Canola is always a first choice for its mild taste.  Peanut oil adds a sweet flavor while olive oil adds a rich, warm taste.  Vegetable oil is always popular and is very neutral, while grape seed oil is nutty yet expensive.


Add 3-5 c. oil to a fondue pot, so that it is 1/3 full of oil.  Heat to 350 degrees F on the stove or on the fondue burner (this may take 30 minutes or more, so the stove top method is faster if your pot will allow).  When the oil reaches 350 degrees F, thread a piece of meat on a fondue fork and cook to desired doneness.

Dip in your desired ingredients and fondue away into the night!