Hope’s Equipage Kiddin Kisses “Zoé”

We have a new four legged friend joining us at the Equipage Kennels this week, Hope’s Equipage Kiddin Kisses  “Zoé.”
Born December 24, 2013
GCH Magic Storm Of The Century “Ivan” x Ch. Hope’s You’ve Got To Be Kiddin Me “Violet”

So we have quite the road ahead with not only the field training, but now the training again for stacking, posing, baiting, leading, and trotting of having a show quality Brittany once again, after forays into the field trial and meat for the table worlds.  It’s another adventure along our sporting road.  We have the all the classes to look forward to from Puppy, 12-18 month, Novice, Bred by Exhibitor, American-Bred, Open and Best of Bred.  Get ready to run the fields, together with the Down and Back, the “L”, the triangle and the all around.  After lots of questions about showing, field trialing and hunting potential, our daughter’s only question for us to ask the breeder was, “Is she going to be a good dog for my daughter.”  Welcome, Zoe, we are so excited for all of our adventures along the sporting road.

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Antelope Hunting and Steve’s Meat Market

We recently went on an antelope hunt in Wyoming and we have to say the antelope meat tastes great.  We saved the backstraps and tenderloins for steaks.  We took in the four antelope quarters for processing at Steve’s Meat Market  The four quarters weighed 38 pounds in on the bone, 28 pounds after they trimmed it, which resulted in 42 pounds out with pork added for a great special deal which was advertised as $95.00, but with all the extra hamburger and other fees resulted in a total bill of $138 after all was done, which was very fair.   We got the Jumbo Sampler:

1-1/2 lb. JBC Burger, 1-1/2 lb. Breakfast Bulk, 1-1/2 lb. Italian Bulk, 1-1/2 lb. Chorizo Bulk, 2 lb. Italian Link, 2 lb. Polish Link, 2 lb. Salami, 2 lb. Summer,  2 lb. Jalapeno Cheese Log, 2 lb. Cheddar Dogs, 2 lb. Old Style Franks, 2 lb. Bratwurst, 2 lb. Smoked German, 2 lb. Chorizo Link, 2 lb. Jalapeno Cheddar Link, 1 lb. Jerky, 1 lb. Stix

The only thing that wasn’t worth ordering again was the Breakfast Bulk sausage, not because it isn’t good, it’s just my family doesn’t like any breakfast sausages.  It helped that this antelope was grass fed on the ranch lands, not sage brush fed on the plains.  But we have to rave about Steve’s Meat Market, as it is simply the best game meat processing and quality sausages we have ever tasted, at a fair price.  Even the hamburger is awesome.  The franks and brats have a relatively tough skin and for that reason, we do not think they are great when used as hot dogs.  However, cut into Argentine choripan sliced sandwiches, and just […]

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    Colorado Governor Warns Feds Not to List Sage Grouse as Endangered Species

Colorado Governor Warns Feds Not to List Sage Grouse as Endangered Species

The Associated Press is reporting that Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper says he is urging the federal government not to list the greater sage grouse as an endangered species.  We couldn’t agree more, as this is a blanket move by anti-development folks that have gotten a few animal rights activists groups behind them for a sweeping change that would harm local energy, commercial and agricultural development in Colorado.  These proposals are overly strict measures being sold as a story to protect the bird, but in fact they are intended to prevent development and restrict hunting and ranching operations.  The story reports that:

Hickenlooper said he has urged federal officials to consider the region’s economy and “look at the public-private partnerships that have been so successful in Colorado as a model on how to get things done.”  “Given the unique landscapes and natural resources in Colorado, a Colorado-based solution is more practical than one handed down by the federal government,” Hickenlooper said.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency is under court mandate to determine by 2015 if sage grouse deserves protection under the Endangered Species Act. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management wants to finalize plans to designate protected habitat by October 2014.

Colorado, like other states, is looking for provisions that would protect the species while not infringing on business or community development of the land.  The bird’s habitat is on land that is also used for grazing, oil and gas production and community development.  Stringent management for the bird “will kill us” economically, Mesa County CommissionerRose Pugliese said.  Garfield County Commissioner Tom Jankovsky said the amount of energy development that could be placed off-limits would be devastating. Resources such as natural gas and other minerals worth $34 billion might no longer be accessible if the […]

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Lead Ammunition Ban in California on Governor’s Desk

From the Santa Barbara Independent:

A bill that would ban all lead ammunition for hunting statewide by 2019 — making California the first state to do so — has passed the State Legislature and is sitting on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.
The bill, officially known as AB 711 and cosponsored by Assemblymember Das Williams of Santa Barbara, would see the state’s Fish and Game Commission set regulations by July 1, 2015, that phase in the use of non-lead bullets for all hunting. The requirements would be implemented by July 1, 2019.
Better stock up on Hevi-Shot in preparation for this ludicrous bill, as there will certainly be a rush for lead free ammunition for shotgunners.  We like the Hevi-shot #6 for sage grouse, sharptails and prairie chickens on federal wildlife refuges, and the #4 for ducks, which are already outrageously priced, in 2013, at over $4 a shell after shipping.  At that price, you better not miss any birds, as they were just $2 some five years ago, which was over 20 times the price of lead shot even back then and is worse at the time of this post.  Giving up the side-by-sides and switching to steel is becoming more appealing all the time, which is part of the motivation behind these badly thought out bills promoted by animal rights activists who are attempting to ban hunting by behind the scenes legislation such as this one.   Lead shot has no affect on birds except waterfowl, which is nominal at best, according to all of the scientific studies on waterfowl accidentally feeding on the shot at the bottom of wetlands.  It’s not to late for reason to prevail and if you are a California voter, please let the Governor know […]

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    Instinctive Shooting: The Making of a Master Gunner [Now Published in Hardcover]

Instinctive Shooting: The Making of a Master Gunner [Now Published in Hardcover]

At long last the book is published as of July 9, 2013.  Order your copy today through Amazon or other retailers.

Learn to point and shoot like a pro.

Here, point and shoot.” These words from his father propelled Buz Fawcett’s shooting success as a child, gaining him a number of High Gun awards at local trap clubs by the time he was fourteen. Because of his success, his father awarded him his grandfather’s Model 1912 Winchester, which he mastered, even though it “kicked the whey” out of him.

However, his amazing shooting abilities as a kid didn’t follow him into adulthood. Fawcett entered into what he calls his “Dark Ages” of shooting after accepting an associate editor position at Sports Afield in New York City, where he had to read and edit what other gunmen were writing about shooting techniques. Eventually, he took a position as editor of Guns & Ammo magazine, located in California. He soon found himself in a position where he could shoot as much as he liked.

After a number of years and extensive research into shooting methods, Fawcett rediscovered his talents through a technique called “Instinctive Shooting.” This research and a lot of practice finally led to teaching a workshop on instinctive shooting to help others become adept at this miraculous “point and shoot” method. Instinctive Shooting is Fawcett’s guide for other gunmen, describing exactly how and what needs to be done to achieve the ultimate shooting instincts. Practical and hands-on, the book covers such topics as determining your dominant eye, achieving proper shotgun fit, how to correct point and shoot, selecting equipment, practice regimens, mounting, and much more.
150 color Illustrations

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A Shooting Party at Lunch

This antique chromolithograph folio print on paper dating to circa 1880’s reminds us that lunch should be an important part of any shoot.  A few of our favorite picnic recipes, which started from our days afield with the Blue Grouse Hippies include:

Lentils ala Cheverny

Blue Grouse MacNuggets

Salade Nicoise

We hope to find you picnicking along the Sporting Road!





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Bodhi’s Mountain

Bodhi was my first bird dog.  My first bird dog, not my dad’s that is. As a Bodhisattva should do, he graciously gave up his path to enlightenment so that others may attain it, mostly so that I may strive to attain enlightenment.  We returned to Bodhi’s favorite spot for blue grouse this year, to find many others already hunting his hallowed grounds.  Being one who doesn’t like change, this had me reeling wondering what to do.  We quickly found change and decided, with considerable trepidation to hunt a spot down the road to his and my favorite spot, a spot which we  had never been to before, but was at least free from other hunters.  After all, this is public land, they had as much right to be there as did we, and they had beat us to the spot on Opening Day of Grouse Season, so it was all done fair and square.  Remy, Bodhi’s grandson, didn’t seem to mind, as he is still a pup himself, he didn’t know any better, or at least he tried to persuade me so.  I, on the other hand, knew better—that this spot could not be as good as our favorite spot which we had enjoyed for so many years.  We headed off up the mountain, but at least it was the same mountain as Bodhi’s Spot was on, so who knew what might await us.

To our surprise, we found grouse.  A lot of grouse.  Dusky grouse (formerly known as Blue Grouse) here and dusky grouse there.  And we made a new spot our own, it would never be Bodhi’s Spot, but this one became Remy’s spot.  Perhaps Remy will lay there some day in […]

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Girl Hunter: Revolutionizing the Way We Eat, One Hunt at a Time

Girl Hunter:  Revolutionizing the Way We Eat, One Hunt at a Time is an admirably catchy title.  The recipes for Braised Pheasant Legs with Cabbage and Grapes, Chukar Pie, Quail en Papillote, Pheasant Tagine, Duck Confit, Fireplace Venison Tenderloin, Chorizo Sausage, Jugged Hare, Game Bird Stock to Everyday Dry Rub and tips on aging game, should have been all right up my alley.  But, somehow I couldn’t get that into the book, nor the recipes beyond the initial appearances which are good.  Maybe I was just in bad mood, as it has all the right elements, including the author being a classically trained chef and devoted hunter.  Maybe it was the lack of pictures of the recipes.  Maybe it was the lack of wild, edible foods.  But, we can agree that, “Whatever your journey, wherever you find it, may it be a wild one.”

And the  on a Moveable Hunt, harkens to Hemingway and I particularly like the Waiting for Pate in the Floatant chapter.  And, who can’t appreciate the Jose Ortega y Gasset quotes, such as “One does not hunt in order to kill, on the contrary, one kills in order to have hunted.”  I wanted to love this book from the cover and the title, but maybe it just requires catching me on a better night, so I am avoiding any star-based review, as I like the concept of it and hope to hear from others who really enjoyed it, as I really want to like it.

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Grouse Nuggets and Deep-Fried Pheasant with Chips

A recent issue of Sporting Times, which is published in the UK, reports on a Norfolk fish and chip shop which is thought to have become the first in England to include deep-fried pheasant on its menu. French’s Fish & Chips in Wells-next-the-Sea is offering pheasant breast coated in breadcrumbs with chips for £5 per portion.

But this is hardly newsworthy in our minds, as we have been featuring grouse and pheasant in the same style for over a decade at the Chateau, which we dubbed “Grouse MacNuggets” and are served with honey, in the same style as nuggets of fame under the golden arches.  It has been a huge hit with children and those new to game, together with dyed in the wool shooters.  It’s tough to beat really.  We serve ours with rice, rather than chips.  Fried, fried, fried can be a bit much, when taken all at the same time.

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Driving Caps

If anyone knows what happened to Harrison Hillhouse please contact me at  I’d like to order another driving cap like the one shown below.  These caps are the best!  The label says Paris Edinborough, New York, London, but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere since I picked up mine in Paris more than a dozen years ago.  If you see one for sale, please drop me a line.

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