The Official Rim Chung Fly Tying Videos

New fly tying videos posted of the official RS2 fly and Avatar fly tying instructions in a video format have been set up on YouTube.

Rim Chung Ties the RS2 Video ( shorter version ):

Rim Chung tying the RS2 Video ( longer version with more comments ) :


Rim Chung Ties the Avatar Fly Video:

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Light Weight Fly Fishing Rods

Please sign up here for notices about the new site I am launching on Rim Chung’s One Fly methods. I have been asked “What rod is Mr. Chung’s current favorite?,” on this blog. This will be the subject of a soon-to-be released article and a chapter in the book that I am in the works of publishing about his fishing methods. The short answers are that a Sage TZX 0710- #0 Line and the Sage LL 2-weight in 7’9”, are Rim Chung’s current all-time favorites.  He also fancies several of his Winston rods, and my all time favorite is a Winston WT 8′, 3-piece, 3-weight rod, and I exclusively fish Rim Chung’s methods of nymph fishing.  Asking him which is his favorite rod used to be an easy question for him to answer, but now the usual response is something along the lines of “Well, that is a lot like asking a man about his favorite woman when he has the pleasure of so many to choose from.  It becomes hard to compare.  One might be in love with each one for what it represents and offers, without comparison to the others.”

I’ll attempt to let you in on an advance glimpse behind the invisible veil to catching more fish with his ultra-light weight fly fishing methods here.

Mr. Chung has been fly fishing since the glass and bamboo rod era, when they were the only choices as anglers. Many times he has emphasized to me the importance he places on light weight equipment. And, he is not the only one to focus on this important aspect of nymph fishing.

Oliver Kite put it well that “ the lightness of the […]

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Trout Country: Reflections on Rivers, Fly Fishing & Related Addictions (Book Review 4/5 ****)

Bob Saile, Trout Country: Reflections on Rivers, Fly Fishing & Related Addictions.  Pruett Publishing Co., Boulder, Colorado 1999.   My favorite quotes or summaries are as follows:

Aside from the Brassie, the most important contribution to the fly boxes of American anglers to come from South Platte lore is the RS-2 —an all-purpose nymph pattern that, depending on size, can resemble the aquatic stages of a midge, a mayfly, or even a caddis.  RS-2 stands for “Rim’s Semblance, Style 2.”  It was born in the tying vice of Rim Chung of Denver, a self-taught fly fisherman who began as a frustrated spin-fisherman.

When Chung came to Colorado from Seoul, South Korea, in 1968, he had a strong desire to catch Colorado trout but only the weakest clues on how to go about it.  He began to fish with spinning tackle but rarely caught anything when he encountered the selective trout of the Platte and other waters.  Two years later, he was ready to give up.  Then a friend suggested he take up fly-fishing.  “What the hell is fly-fishing?” Chung asked his friend.  Chung then began to fish with dry flies, but it was still frustratingly unproductive or, at best, inconsistent.  Finally he met someone who offered to take him nymph fishing.  “What the hell is nymph fishing?” Chung asked.

His progression to becoming a successful trout fisherman was fairly swift after that.  Chung developed his nymphing skills and learned to tie flies.  He decided to try to develop a nymph pattern that was a general suggestion—a semblance—of almost any hatching aquatic insect, depending on size.  What emerged was a pattern that is constructed with a Tiemco 101 hook that has a straight eye, in sizes as big as 14 and as […]

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