There are a myriad of Asian, Caribbean, and Islander products now available in the U.S. marketplace.  We like to frequent a Japanese market and a Korean market (H-Mart) here in Denver to secure the best ingredients.   There are a myriad of soy sauces, for instance, but we think if you taste tested them you will agree that Yamaki Jozo, packaged in the U.S. under the Ohsawa brand is good, but Kikkoman organic is not bad if that is what you can find.  Miso mad by Yamaki under the Ohsawa label in the US is the best.  And, The  Japanese fluer de sel produced by a fisherman in Wajima is excellent, and is available through Good food Japan.  Hon mirin (true mirin) is the best mirin and Massa Organics in California sells the top-quality brown rice.   Most Japanese dishes are suitable for “tsumami”, small bites before dinner.   Umeshu, is the traditional cordial, inappropriately dubbed, “plum wine” but it acutally comes from native sour plums which are a member of the apricot family.

We keep the essentials of a Korean pantry on hand for these dishes including Gochugaro (red chile flakes), soy sauce, Saeujot (salted baby shrimp), Kocheejung (chile paste/bbq sauce), and Doenjang (bean paste like miso).