From Jim Greear.  This recipe was my grandfather, Rulon.  Rulon’s was a cocktail lounge in Roswell, New Mexico, owned by my grandfather. He had a brisk bar business at lunch-time, which was called “a short lunch” back in those days, but patrons would leave quickly to fine a place to get food.  In order to keep patrons the whole lunch hour, Granddad started to cook this chili on a hot plate in the back room and serve it free for his lunch time patrons.  But his chili became so popular he was forced to add a kitchen and it later developed into a full scale Mexican restaurant.


5 lb. Course ground beef
2 teaspoons cumin
4 – 5 Garlic chopped or crushed
1 teaspoon Oregano
2 teaspoons Coriander seed
5 or 6 dry chilies
Tomato juice


1. cook ground beef until red is gone – take off excess grease
2. place dry chilis in blender blend with tomato juice until paste – if spices are whole put in blender with chili
3. add water and cook until tender add beans if desired
4. thicken with flour if you like if not hot enough add more chili – salt to taste
This recipe was my Grand Father Rulon’s;
kitchen and developed into a full scale Mexican restaurant
May luck come your way as this is a very lucky Chili