We are graduates of Buz Fawcett’s side-by-side Wingshooting Workshop.   

Want to shoot 75-98% of the targets that you see by the end of three days’ of side by side shooting classes?  Then you want to join the elite group of Master Gunners, what we have come to call the graduates of Buz Fawcett’s Wingshooting Workshop.  Want to revisit the Workshop and are already a graduate, or just visiting for the first time?  Want to learn how to shoot like the exhibition shooters of the past, then now is the time to order the book-Instinctive Shooting:  The Making of a Master Gunner?


You already know I feel the large part of our brain is responsible for the attack response.  Consider the calculations involved in hitting a clay target.

Let’s say we’re going to launch a 108mm clay target off a 90-foot tower.  It will travel 60 mph out of the trap.  Forty yards away, it will have decelerated to 30 mph and have dropped 20 feet.  We will throw it at an angle of 167 degrees away from you.  Your assignment will be to determine the vector of 7/8ths of an ounce of shot from a 12-gauge shotgun at a velocity of 1270 fps through a barrel with .010-inch restriction.

I don’t know about you, but that target would be melted in the sun by the time I calculated the correct answer.  Even if we had a computer, the target would be on the ground before we could type in the data for calculation.

Yet the large part of your brain can figure the answer in thousandths of a second, even if the target size is changed, and it’s thrown in a different spot every time, at different speeds.  The brain can, that is, AS LONG AS THE CONSCIOUS MIND DOESN’T INTERFERE.

To keep from calling it the “Large Part of Your Brain” every time, I have nicknamed it simply, “The Predator.”   The Predator controls your brain whether it’s for wing shooting, sporting clays, upland shooting, the sporting range, or clay target shooting and  the side by side shotgun is our method of choice.

~Buz Fawcett