“’Unting is all that’s worth living for – all time is lost wot is not spent in ‘unting – it is like the hair we breathe – if we have it not we die – it’s the sport of kings, the image of war without its guilt, and only five-and-twenty per cent of its danger.” —R.S. Surtees  – Handley Cross (1843)

We have been fortunate to hunt with or visit a number of mounted packs for fox, stag, roebuck, wild boar, hare and rabbit, including many Master’s of Foxhounds of Amercia registered hunts, and quite a few abroad:
  • Arapahoe Hunt, Colorado
  • Bijou Springs Hunt, Colorado
  • Caza La Drone, New Mexico
  • Juan Tomas, New Mexico
  • Palm Beach Hounds, Florida
  • Grand Canyon Hounds, Arizona
  • Midland Foxhounds, Georgia/Alabama
  • Misty River Foxhounds, Arkansas
  • Galway Blazers, Galway, Ireland
  • Chateau de la Verrerie, Loire Valley, France
  • Champchevrier, Loire Valley, France
  • Tom Mallard Beagles, Colorado
  • Cheverny stag hounds, Loire Valley, France
  • The Waldingfield Beagles
  • The Tom Mallard Beagle Pack
  • Frank Burke Foxhounds, Loughrea, Ireland
  • and many more…

For those interested in foxhunting vacations in the US there are the following mult-day hunt weeks:

  • Virginia Hunt Week
  • Arapahoe Hunt Rendezvous in Colorado
  • The All Florida meet sponsored by South Creek Foxhounds held either in mid-February, just before the President’s Day Holiday or at the very end of February.

For a quick primer on mounted hunting, http://www.countryside-alliance.org/ca/file/FINAL_Hunting_how_what_why_when.pdf

Arapahoe Hunt from Douglas County Government on Vimeo.

Arapahoe Hunt from Douglas County Government on Vimeo.

Jewel in the Rockies from Douglas County Government on Vimeo.

Jewel in the Rockies from Douglas County Government on Vimeo.