The picture above is glimpse of Rim Chung at his fly tying desk, where he has been tying one fly for over 30 years, the RS2, which is a legendary fly in the Rocky Mountain States and becoming well-known throughout the world.  I have fished it on several continents and it is my go to fly, although I was a professional fly tier in my youth, I find it is the only fly I need these days.  Visit my friend’s RS2 site for Rim Chung, which explains in detail the tying instructions for the only fly we use fly fishing.  Like Rim, I tie it in about 6 different sizes and 6 different colors, to match the prevalent insects.  We have found that it is the only fly we need and, when tied like this in many of the prevalent sizes and colors, we catch more fish than others, it is simply that effective of a fly and method.

RS2 7