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Money can buy you everything,  except the time it takes to be a good fly fisherman.  I have spent a great deal of time trying to become a good fly fisherman and long enough to learn that the fool say he knoweth, while the wise man knows he is a fool.  One of the best tips to becoming successful is to always check the water flow conditions before setting out for fishing.

Fly fishing has taken us around the world and I am a member of the International Fario Club, which was devised by Charles Ritz.

In Colorado, there is a website for water conditions.  You can check all of the segments of various water ways, for instance, the South Platte below Cheeseman Reservoir is found here.

And we enjoy taking our adventures further from home, often with others we have met from our membership with the International Fario Club.   

Nick Sawyer, the grandson of the late Frank Sawyer, has become a pen-pal of mine.  We still use his Pheasant Tail nymph and his basic method for nymph fishing, as developed by Rim Chung.

Andy Kim, a guide on the San Juan River, has also influenced my nymph fishing, as he puts a lot of importance on midge size, color and diameter, is an excellent sight fisher, understands emergers, and he has pumped a lot of fish before coming up with his thread patterns.  Size is very important on the San Juan where midges are often range from size 18-26.  Look under rocks, collect samples with a gold fish net and look at samples for size, comparing to your fly.