Locking knives, beginning with the Lockback or Midlock were developed at least 200 years ago. Until 1964, they were a minor part of the business because people thought it foolish to pay a 20-30% premium for the locking mechanism. But things changed in 1964, when a new company, Buck Knives, offered a large lockback which was dubbed the “Folding Hunter”, the Buck 110, that was soon one of the fastest selling knives in the knife world. Soon all of the older knife companies were offering at least one lockback to their customers.

However the Buck 110 is probably the best selling knife ever and it is awesome sharp in 420HC, and easy to sharpen, but doesn’t keep the greatest edge.  The knives are heavy and tough, and well suited to hunting and camping purposes.

Having said that, we don’t really prefer the folding knife for a hunting knife, as they can often result in serious injury if the lock fails or accidentally is closed.  We prefer a drop point fixed blade knife.  This is Paul’s knife, together with some from a friend who is a knife maker, which is what we like for both the blade shape and overall size, which are on the small size for big game hunting, but still very useful and good for birds and fish as well.  We really like the S35V and S30VN steels which are sharp and durable.  The 1095, D1 and D2 file steels are great for cowboy/horseman blades, as shown below.  There are many great steels these days.

These came with a cross draw sheath, meant for carrying on your left front hip.

This one is made a former horse shoe rasp and is 1095 high carbon steel and desert ironwood.  It’s very thick steel, so it slices surprisingly well for being so thick of a blade.Sold for $900 that Damascus came from one of the best Damascus makers in the world the bolsters are made from meteorite the handles are mammoth tooth and I did file work down the back.

The fixed blade is 7 1/4 inches and would be $350

Made with a stainless Damascus blade meteorite bolsters blue mammoth ivory handles and did file work down the back


Knives made with S35VN steel can be used for various purposes. Thanks to its high grade toughness and ability to become razor sharp, it is ideal for use in hunting and bushcraft knives, where toughness and wear-resistance are key. Knives using this steel will surely perform even under the often less-than-ideal conditions found outdoors. For avid woodsmen, campers, and hunters, you will want a knife that provides an impressive, quality knife experience but also will not let you down where knives with other steels might. If you are frequently found outdoors in rainy, muddy, and otherwise dangerous conditions, than so will your knife. The rugged dependability offered by S35VN steel in less-than-ideal conditions makes it quite obvious why one would want it in their knives.

This Litty knife is S35VN steel, ground at 21 degrees.  It cuts venison like butter.

The Larry Page is my ideal for a mini version of the Loveless Knife and is CPM154 steel.  The blades should be resharpened at a 21 degree angle.


Larry Page began making knives in 1983. He has always been a hunter and has strong opinions about how a knife should be designed to work properly in the field. It should always fit the hand in use to prevent slippage when dressing game to avoid serious injury. His favorite blade style is a drop point since it keeps the blade away from the gut or muscle during skinning.

Your Larry Page knife will include a sheath of 8 to 9 oz. double shoulder leather, which he makes himself and form fits to each individual knife. Each knife and sheath will bear matching serial numbers to assure that you will always get your knife back in the correct sheath.

Larry is a life member of the NRA, and has been a member of the South Carolina Association of Knifemakers since 1984 and a member of the Knifemakers Guild since 1987.

Larry Page 3″ Drop Point Hunter
The 3″ mirror polished drop point blade is CPM154 stainless hardened to about 59 Rc. with a strongly tapered tang. The handle scales are Desert Ironwood from the Sonoran Desert with a 303 stainless hilt and stainless handle screws. Measures 7-1/2″ overall and weighs 3.8 oz. Includes a handmade leather belt pouch style sheath.

Here we have a custom hunter knife made by R.L Dozier. This knife will leave you wanting more. R.L Dozier designed this knife after the famous Loveless style hunter. This knife feels great in the hand and has a great weight to it. It has micarta handles which add a great finish to the knife. Blade has a mirror polish finish, with a tapered tang. This knife features a 154-CM stainless steel blade. This knife comes with a brown genuine leather sheath for carry and storage. This would be a great collector’s item, you do not want to miss out on this once in a lifetime deal.

The blades should be resharpened at a 20 degree angle.

Weight (Lbs.) 0.6200

Blade Length 3.625″

Blade Thickness .188″

Overall Length 8.125″

The finest knife in the world is worthless without a good sheath. We make Loveless sheaths from heavy 8 – 9 ounce cowhide shoulder leather. We hand fit each knife to its own pouch style sheath by wet forming. After thorough drying, each sheath is dipped in our own blend of waterproofing & preserving oil.In use, a Loveless Knife comes out of its sheath with one hand. No keeper strap in the way to be fumbled with or carelessly cut. The knife,in its sheath, should stay in one place on your belt so you can count on easily getting to it when you reach for it. When you place your order tell us what belt width you will be using and we can make the belt loop of the sheath a snug fit for you.