What is so special about a Rolex Milsub (Military Submariner) NATO or G10 watch strap… which almost looks like the $15 straps from E-bay?. Well there is a big difference.  The original issue straps are really special. Quite stiff when they are new, but they get soft after wearing. The structure of the material feels complete different then all the newer straps, and the soft structure and length of the strap (my original issue one is just 10.5″, which fits me nicely in the tucked back style, but the length has increased over the years as people have become larger in size than they were decades ago.  Rolex does not sell them anymore, so you can’t get them. So people are spending in excess of $100,000 for a Rolex Milsub and then they are forced to wear it on an non-authentic NATO strap from E-bay.

The closest thing to it, and the current model of the G10 issued straps is the one made by Phoenix.  But keep in mind the suppliers have changed over the decades, and so has the material, color, and length of the G10 straps.  The Phoenix straps can be purchases on Ebay from mickie500 is the Phoenix Straps guy who works at Phoenix and moonlights in selling these at night on Ebay.  He is very responsive and the straps ship quickly.  Think about ordering 3-4 at at time, in order to balance out the cost of international shipping.  The Phoenix brand is sold by Corvus and Silvermans, at a much higher price, but I have found it is worth ordering from them on the off chance the supply comes from another older supplier (I have been fortunate in this regard at least once).  The Phoenix are also sold by a French company as well.

Clockwork Synergy has good straps but only for the colorful NATO straps, not the authentic Admiral Grey.  They are also on the longer side at 11″.

Tech Swiss
Watch Band Nylon One Piece NATO Military Sport Stripe Stainless Buckle 20 millimeter, 10.5″ inches long, for $7 it’s not bad, it’s just too soft, only in stripes not Admiral Grey, and it fits my wrist nicely but will be too short for many guys.