Determining the appropriate medication to treat your horse’s joint problems is a crucial part of treatment. Adequan and Legend are two drugs which are commonly used this link explains how they differ in a fabulous article by Craig Roberts, DVM, an equine veterinarian.

So for our older hunt horse, Littleton Equine Medical Center recommends the use of both Adequan and Legend.  We also give it to one polo pony who has signs of navicular.  As for the Adequan, he gets 5cc’s IM, in the muscle of his neck, one time every 4 days for 7 doses.  After the last dose, repeat again three months later.

 As for Legend, you give that once a month, around the same time each month.  It is 4cc’s IV, in the neck.

Consult your veterinarian, but we have found this regime works very well for our horse.  They are happy to be back to work with Opening Day just behind us, which was a grand day behind a fast pack.  Our farrier likes  as a less expensive option, but we feel the injectables are better absorbed.