From the Santa Barbara Independent:

A bill that would ban all lead ammunition for hunting statewide by 2019 — making California the first state to do so — has passed the State Legislature and is sitting on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.
The bill, officially known as AB 711 and cosponsored by Assemblymember Das Williams of Santa Barbara, would see the state’s Fish and Game Commission set regulations by July 1, 2015, that phase in the use of non-lead bullets for all hunting. The requirements would be implemented by July 1, 2019.
Better stock up on Hevi-Shot in preparation for this ludicrous bill, as there will certainly be a rush for lead free ammunition for shotgunners.  We like the Hevi-shot #6 for sage grouse, sharptails and prairie chickens on federal wildlife refuges, and the #4 for ducks, which are already outrageously priced, in 2013, at over $4 a shell after shipping.  At that price, you better not miss any birds, as they were just $2 some five years ago, which was over 20 times the price of lead shot even back then and is worse at the time of this post.  Giving up the side-by-sides and switching to steel is becoming more appealing all the time, which is part of the motivation behind these badly thought out bills promoted by animal rights activists who are attempting to ban hunting by behind the scenes legislation such as this one.   Lead shot has no affect on birds except waterfowl, which is nominal at best, according to all of the scientific studies on waterfowl accidentally feeding on the shot at the bottom of wetlands.  It’s not to late for reason to prevail and if you are a California voter, please let the Governor know you thoughts.