I See You (Theme from Avatar)” (also shortened as “I See You”) is a pop ballad performed by British singer Leona Lewis. But sometimes “I see you,” just means that, it is not a song but just a question–something of a koan you might say.  When you honestly offer “I can see you,” it may mean nothing more than that, and horses seem to be born with that gift for honestly returning the favor, seeing us for what we are, nothing more nothing less.  If you are kind, they see that.  If you are mean, they see that too.  If you have good intentions, they see that.  If you have bad intentions, they see that too.  Sometimes we have to just look each other in the eye first before asking anything of the other and see what there is to be seen of the other, if it is all good then we can progress from there with more questions and the request for more answers.  We hope that all of us on two legs can come to see that which four-legged animals seem to take for granted.  Children also seem to have the same gift, one that is often hard to accept by adults, as the answers remain unknown until the question is honestly asked from the heart.  I find myself at the same cross-roads, as I always try to be planned out years in advance, but, perhaps for the first time, I am attempting to look at the others around me and simply state, “I see you,” and I hope that they can honestly see me in return, without an answer in mind.  I hope to offer the same in return, perhaps for the first time with honesty and without a goal in mind.  The possibilities remain endless, but change is certain and change is a fear which must be let go in order to the true answer to reveal itself. At least that is what I try to tell myself as everything is growing, changing, and maturing around us.  It is certain that our horses also feel that change, as the cold winter air comes in again and the seasons change around us.  I hope to adapt to the change as they do and to simply ask, “Do you see me?,” for I see you.

This is of my favorite “I see you” moments, taken at American Safari Ranch in Fairplay, Colorado.