Tenkara has it s roots in the mountains of Japan, in the practical approach of the subsistence fisherman and the pared-down efficiency of the professional.  It places a premium on accurate presentation.  The original tenkara fisherman used silk lines and bare hooks.  Flies become high fashion and by 1703 gold foil was even being used.  Ayu hooks are now barbless and eyeless.  The author discusses bamboo rods to the Tenkara Ayu and Diawa rods.  Dr. Ichihashi or Ichigaki’s bamboo rods are discussed and from the Internet posts on sites such as www.tenkarausa.com they look amazing.  The book discusses level lines to tapered lines and furled lines to fluorocarbon lines.  Spools and cast holders are detailed, as are knots from the traditional girth hitch to attach the furled line to the rod tip or simple overhand knots around the standing part of the line to form a o around the lilian through the loop twice and tighten.