Girl Hunter:  Revolutionizing the Way We Eat, One Hunt at a Time is an admirably catchy title.  The recipes for Braised Pheasant Legs with Cabbage and Grapes, Chukar Pie, Quail en Papillote, Pheasant Tagine, Duck Confit, Fireplace Venison Tenderloin, Chorizo Sausage, Jugged Hare, Game Bird Stock to Everyday Dry Rub and tips on aging game, should have been all right up my alley.  But, somehow I couldn’t get that into the book, nor the recipes beyond the initial appearances which are good.  Maybe I was just in bad mood, as it has all the right elements, including the author being a classically trained chef and devoted hunter.  Maybe it was the lack of pictures of the recipes.  Maybe it was the lack of wild, edible foods.  But, we can agree that, “Whatever your journey, wherever you find it, may it be a wild one.”

And the  on a Moveable Hunt, harkens to Hemingway and I particularly like the Waiting for Pate in the Floatant chapter.  And, who can’t appreciate the Jose Ortega y Gasset quotes, such as “One does not hunt in order to kill, on the contrary, one kills in order to have hunted.”  I wanted to love this book from the cover and the title, but maybe it just requires catching me on a better night, so I am avoiding any star-based review, as I like the concept of it and hope to hear from others who really enjoyed it, as I really want to like it.