A recent issue of Sporting Times, which is published in the UK, reports on a Norfolk fish and chip shop which is thought to have become the first in England to include deep-fried pheasant on its menu. French’s Fish & Chips in Wells-next-the-Sea is offering pheasant breast coated in breadcrumbs with chips for £5 per portion.

But this is hardly newsworthy in our minds, as we have been featuring grouse and pheasant in the same style for over a decade at the Chateau, which we dubbed “Grouse MacNuggets” and are served with honey, in the same style as nuggets of fame under the golden arches.  It has been a huge hit with children and those new to game, together with dyed in the wool shooters.  It’s tough to beat really.  We serve ours with rice, rather than chips.  Fried, fried, fried can be a bit much, when taken all at the same time.